Grammys 2016: Kendrick Lamar Performs New Song, “Alright,” and “The Blacker the Berry”


Major talking points from the Grammys last night included Lady Gaga’s performance of a medley of David Bowie classics, Taylor Swift’s speech after winning Album of the Year, which seemed to hit back at Kanye West, and Kendrick Lamar’s politically-charged performance of “The Blacker the Berry,” “Alright,” and a new song, in which he came out shackled in chains and with a prison-style backdrop, only to change into an African bonfire, and then took to a dark-lit stage with a single microphone to perform the new track. At the end of the performance, a silhouette of the African continent appeared behind him with the word “Compton” written across it. Watch the high-energy performance below.

Kendrick won 5 Grammys last night, including Best Rap Album and Best Rap Song, but lost out on Album of the Year to Taylor Swift’s 1989 and on Song of the Year for “Alright” to Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud.” Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk” won Record of the Year.

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