Introducing: Koji.


Koji. is an up-and-coming producer from New Zealand who dabbles in blissed-out beats and serene synths. He has almost 10,000 followers on his SoundCloud, and is quickly rising. His track “Lotus” has over 300,000 plays and is endorsed by The XXX Artist Intelligence Agency.

“Lotus” is emblematic of Koji.’s production style, which blends deep house sounds with hip-hop and trap-influenced beats and vocals from both singers and rappers.

His most recent track, “Honest,” is a smooth and soulful gem that fans of Marcus Marr & Chet Faker’s recent Work – EP will find a natural affinity with.

“The Motions” further shows of Koji.’s abilities as an instrumental producer, in line with artists like Slow Magic and Aussie producer Flume, a clear influence.

Listen to more of Koji.’s tropical beats and synth-washed tracks over at his SoundCloud, embedded below:


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