Bonobo Shares Subtle, Pulsing ‘Flashlight EP’


The title track of Bonobo’s new EP, “Flashlight,” has been my alarm clock for the past two months. It has a pulsating, natural rhythm that subtly gets you moving, even if it takes a few loops, and is the perfect soundtrack to the start of the day. Now, Simon Green (aka Bonobo) has shared the rest of the EP. It continues in much of the same fashion. “Pelican” is another pulsating club track with an ethereal, almost dissipating quality that makes it music to sit back to and let it wash over you. It takes time for these tracks to resonate, but they make exquisite background music. These are instrumental tracks, but suggest the earliest hints of a much larger project in the works, and will hopefully be fleshed out with vocals and glassier production on Bonobo’s next album. “Return to Air” has a vocal sample that already seems to be there, although it is only an echo in the back of the airy, enveloping mix. If you listen closely, you can already hear the vocals taking shape.

Bonobo’s new album is due sometime next year. Listen to “Flashlight” below:

Also, watch Bonobo’s last performance in support of 2013’s incredible The North Borders at Alexandra Palace in London via Boiler Room here.